can jiva water devices help in infertility issues?

you definitely understand the significance of hydration and you drink sufficient water every day. but, did you know Water has very important role in achieving and maintaining fertility.  being dehydrated hampers the chances of getting pregnant in many ways.


for men, dehydration leads to

  •   decreased sperm quality and
  •   less volume of semen


for women, dehydration leads to

  •   results in poor egg health, and
  •   less cervical mucus secretion ( this is vital for transportation of sperm to the fallopian tubes )


once the egg is fertilized,  the innermost lining of the uterus (endometrium) needs to become a thick, cushioning and nourishing environment for the embryo to grow.


for women, as body expands during pregnancy, blood volume also increases. hormones need to be transported to different parts of the body, harmful toxins must be flushed out and eliminated, and essential nutrients need to be carried to the growing baby.


water is the primary mover in all these functions.


in addition to these physiological functions, becoming dehydrated can put the pregnant women in a bad mood, disrupting the mind-body connection, which is important for maintaining fertility.


a simple and age-old way to know if you are well hydrated is the color of your urine.

  •   straw-colored urine – ideally hydrated
  •   dark-colored urine - dehydrated
  •   colorless urine – over hydrated – go easy on water here. too much is also bad.


other signs of dehydration include dry lips, dry skin, tiredness, irritability, and headaches.


Is drinking sufficient water good enough to be ideally hydrated?


quantity – how much water will you need? this will vary depending on the weather, age, activity level, and other food and fluids that are consumed


quality – now this is a critical point. We stop thinking about water once its clean. Yes, water needs to be clean. that’s a given. but that’s not sufficient. just clean water is not enough to help achieving and maintaining fertility.


the story of water’s journey


water is amazing in its natural source. fresh, pure, clean with life energy.


  •   today our waters are forced and transported away from their natural paths - through slugged soils, long, rugged travels, stagnated journeys through dark, dingy pipelines – creating informational, physical and chemical abuse. this abusive journey depletes the life energy in our water. ​


  •   to make it fit for consumption, we again pass these waters through purifiers, softeners, chemical purification processes and so on, which further depletes the life energy and


  •   in bottled, packaged conditions, the purified, clean water is stored very long in plastic containers or bottled. these storage conditions continue to deplete the life energy in water​


while physical purification is important, your water is only clean, but the life energy in it is critically depleted​.


  •   the information in water gets chaotic.
  •   the photoluminescence and bio-energy in water depletes ​
  •   natural vibrational vitality in water is lost


this water will not be helpful to do so much inside our body.  we need to restore life energy in water. but. how?


today we have only one solution to restore life energy - jiva water devices - just by passing clean water through YAMI – JIVA WATER DEVICE, the life energy is restored.




  •   neutralizes the information in water, ​
  •   restores the photoluminescence and bio-energy in water and ​
  •   encodes the natural vibrational vitality in water.


and when this JIVA WATER is consumed, cells are sufficiently hydrated & very supportive to conceive. drinking sufficient jiva water will help you avoid all these dehydration symptoms, along with putting you in the right frame of mind to welcome your baby.


We partnered with the brand – Jiva Water Devices just for each one of you.

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