face wash - does it help to do this regularly?

why 2-3 times of face wash important in a day?

whenever i used to stay in my periamma’s home – apart from proper bath, atleast 3 times a day - she will force me to apply a little nallennai ( sesame oil ) and wash my face with payatha maavu & kadalamaavu mix ( a mix of greengram dal & channa dal powders )

1st time – once we wake up in the morning while brushing,

2nd time in the evening before lighting diya,

3rd time – before going to bed in the night.

i used to keep complaining about this. but she was right. wish she had explained the reason. i would have happily done. regular face wash is critical to maintaining healthy and glowing face. let me share why facial cleansing is so important & how the ingredients we use to cleanse impacts our skin quality.

washing face: 

  1. apply a teeny amount of oil every time before you wash your face. no need to slather – but a little oil on your face helps as oil cleansing & becomes a healthy . barrier. so, keep a pump of oil or a face oil of your choice near your face washes. probably you need just 1-2 drops of oil. when you make this your habit – it’s a huge game changer in the way your facial skin looks & feels like.
  1. make a paste of our face wash powders or bath powders with plain water or floral waters. for face wash, you need a 2-3 pinches of powders. so, ideally i make the paste in my palm itself. gently apply the paste & massage a bit. and wash it off with sufficient water.
  1. pat your face dry with soft cotton towel. ensure you only pat dry. never rub the towel on your face.
  1. moisturise & hydrate with jal kesar or jal pushpam or or face oils like tejo ghritha or mahat or dhira, use just a drop & keep your skin dewy & glowing

i have timed these steps in regular basis. when we are doing this regularly, all these steps would take less than 2-3 minutes. oh, btw since our face wash powders are made of pure real ingredients, you can also leave them as face pack. purely your choice to wash it off immdly or leave for 15-20 mins. and either ways, the benefits are worth zillions. let’s see what they are..

  1. removing physical dirt

most part of our body is covered – but our face faces everything. even if we are at home / office – there’s a lot that’s not visible to our eyes. washing face helps in removal of dirt, oil, and other unwanted tiny debris. face wash helps in clearing this physically.

  1. feel fresh & energized

it’s quite common that we also wash our face to feel fresh & energized. we wash our face when we want to avoid dozing off. right? face wash gives us that mini break & see things in a new perspective. the water does that to us. it’s beyond just physical cleansing. water provides us that energy that we need.

  1. clear skin

face wash clears pores. removes the physical debris and keeps the pores clean allowing the sebum oil to reach the skin surface without interruption and helps decreasing the chances of a acne.

  1. moisture & hydration

the skin needs regular nourishment. it needs to fed both oil & water. as pre-wash when we apply a little oil & then wash it off with water. we are giving it both & that helps skin look radiant & healthy. when we feed the face the much-needed oil – the body doesn’t have to do double-shift to produce the oil needed to keep it healthy

why are the ingredients in the face wash very very important?

it’s only in the last 40-50 years, we have soaps & liquids as facewash and the impact - we also have immense trouble in our skin – dry, flaky, too oily, pigmented, acne, dark spots, pits and more.

you know that earlier in india, it used to be only the fine powders of grains, pulses, neem, turmeric & herbs for face wash & bathing. let’s go back to goodness. let’s go back with understanding & adopt the routines that does good not only superficially but good for our internal health too

our face wash powders are definitely must-have skin treat. while we do have gaura, anantam, sukshma & hairdra for face & body – we created this range of face wash powders with real fruits & fragrance. bringing the goodness of essential oils also to help in healing at the energy level.

the reason for launching these face wash powders is to not skip the #nosoap for face wash. there are lot of young people joining the #nosoap challenge & they find it challenging to shift to the new lifestyle of traditional powders for their bathing routine. i wanted to provide simple & proven steps for them to start from face & with the results they see & the ease of use of powders – they can easily slide to 100% #nosoap for body also.

using synthetics vs gentle natural ingredients on your face. you definitely know the difference of feeding our skin with real fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains & pulses. and we also know that our facial skin is much more senisitive than the skin on our body. so, all the more we need to be careful of what we use to wash our face.

ideally, this is where i should have started the campaigns long back – but it’s never too late. i definitely need your help in spreading this awareness with families & friends to start #nosoap with face wash. pl help me on this.

the range of face wash powders is called vaibhava – the name is so full of positivity & celebration. right? the flavor variants we have launched are

  1. sweet orange
  2. mint
  3. neem
  4. tomato

and, we soon wanted to launch

  1. pomegranate
  2. strawberry
  3. aloevera and more such interesting fragrant & nutritious face wash powders

all these to bring that punch of flavors & excitement while it’s so much of preventive lifestyle to wash your face with our face wash powders. our face wash powders can be used as face packs also. so, you can leave them for 15-20 mins also. it’ll be sending more nutrition with this. multi-functional natural products are the way to go.

check this link https://kalyashastra.com/collections/face-wash  to try aromatic & effective facewash options

that’s it for now, see you soon while sharing of information that i have learnt or experienced

wishing you health & happiness in abundance

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