bhagavad gita on eating, sleeping, how to eat and more...

in bhagavad gita, is there anything about food, sleep & how to eat
eating right is very important for healthy skin & hair. through kalya shastra, i’m really happy to share all that i have learnt & practice.

i’ve seen with my own experience, how what i eat immediately impacts my skin & hair. eat a plateful of oily bajji, in 2 days, i can see small erupts around my mouth. that’s unclean colon.  now that my skin is clean & able to communicate & throw stuff that’s not needed, it does show up immediately.
there used to be a period where i used to acne all over my face before and during my mensuration period. one at a time, when i have stopped soaps, shampoos, started oiling regularly & eating sensibly, i can see my skin is getting healthy & responds immediately to all that i feed it through my 5 senses & sense organs. my skin is healthy and simple to maintain. 
food & sleep is very very critical in our life to maintain this gadget called body. now, let’s see what our revered bhagavad mentions about food & sleep.
bhagwad gita chapter 6 shloka 17, krishna says to arjuna moderation is key in this sloka

yuktāhāra-vihārasya yukta-chehasya karmasu
āvabodhasya yogo bhavati dukha-hā

it means

"the one, whose diet and movements are balanced,
whose actions are proper.,
whose hours of sleeping and
waking up are regular, and
who follows the path of meditation,
is the destroyer of pain or unhappiness."

lord krishna mentions in chapter 6 shloka 16
naatyashnatastu yogosti na chaikaantamanashnataha |
na chaati svapnasheelasya jaagrito naiva chaarjuna || 16 ||

eating too much food or starving,
and sleeping too much or remaining awake
all the time is not health friendly.
such people cannot concentrate or do sadhana.
the bhagwad gita also explains how to eat
yat karohi yad aśhnāsi yaj juhohi dadāsi yat
yat tapasyasi kaunteya tat kuru
hva mad-arpaam

while eating,one should concentrate only on eating

as the food is served to one's consciousness

eating leaves, fruits, and water suffice to keep us healthy

lord krishna elaborates that there are four types of food, which are consumed by human beings, and they are the foods, which are either eaten, sucked, drunk or licked.

they all lead to the increase of digestive fire, which is dependent on prana vayu and apana vayu. the functioning of this digestive fire is dependent on one's consciousness.

Ekadashi - what is that you remember immediately when you hear this word ekadashi. elders at home do something on this day or fast on this day. right? it’s not religious. it’s pure science.  More on this soon..

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