the 5 elements. is it all random manifestation?

are the pancha mahabootha randomly manifested? what’s the sequence?


akashat vayuhu,

vayur agnihi,

agnir apaha,

adyah pruthivi,

pruthivya oshadhayaha,

oshadhayo annam,

annaath purushaha.

“akasha” is space. 1st manifestation

“akashat vayuhu” from the space came the air. 2nd manifestation
”vayur agnihi” from the air came fire. 3rd manifestation

“agnir apaha” from air, came water. 4th manifestation.
”adyah pruthivi” from this water manifested the earth. 5th manifestation

 5 elements done. what next?

“pruthivya oshadhayaha” from the earth came vegetation the 6th manifestation. look how sanskrit calls the vegetation – oshadha – which also means medicine.

“oshadhayo annam” from the vegetation came food. 7th manifestation.

“annaath purushaha” from this food came the jeevi. the 8th manifestation.

akasha, vayu, agni, aapa and prithvi – these five elements evolved from pancha tanmatras which are the sensing abilities

these pancha tanmatras are

shabdha - sound associated with akasha

sparsha touch, associated with vayu

roopa – sight, associated with agni

rasa – taste, associated with water

gandha – smell, associated with earth

and in our body we have sensory systems that are the tools for these tanmatras. what more do we need to know that we and the outside is all made of same elements. let’s realize & connect to macrocosm. oneness is the only truth. let’s evolve.

till i meet you next time, 

wishing you health & happiness in abundance

-krithika prasad

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