kabhi neem neem..

kabhi neem neem..  yes.. continue humming this beautiful song while reading this. neem is not new to you & me. india’s medicinal system starts with turmeric, neem, ginger, honey, castor, lemon and more such goodness

what’s in neem that we have to know & why you should have this basic oil into your daily routine. @mymocktaillife is an inspiration when it comes to using neem oil so effectively.

we worship neem trees. yes. we worship nature. we are the best. we use almost everything from the neem tree - flowers, seeds, leafs, barks are widely used. roots and resins are also used in certain processes.

neem oil is also a consumable medicine because of its appetite stimulating & digestive properties. neem is antiseptic, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, astringent, bitter.

omg.. what does all these mean.. thanks to the never ending courses that i am doing in herbal sciences and more..  i am able to make sense of some tongue twisting words. anthelmintic means that are used to destroy parasitic worms. expectorant properties helps the secretion of sputum by the air passages, used to treat coughs. i am assuming you would know the meaning of other words.

when you massage your skin & hair with neem oil mindfully, it helps in blood circulation, relieves mental & emotional stress, relieves pain, helps soothe arthritis pain, helps build immune system.

a very interesting information i learnt from my siddha mentor that in some cases, neem decoction was also given to delivering mothers internally to help in painful natural childbirth to stimulate muscles and also a tonic after birth. but they also restrict its extensive usage during lactation and in early pregnancy because of its emmenagogue & anti-fertility properties. also its bitter taste & smell seems to have strong impact in lactation. so, there are proven practices that neem oil is applied around the breast to help weaning from breastfeeding. isn’t it amazing that every herb we have with us in india is much beyond that we think we know.

boil a handful of neem leaves, seeds & barks & use this neem boiled water as non-toxic insecticide for your plants

neem oil is super best in treating head lice, skin infections, psoriasis, abscesses, acne, athelete's foot.

neem is a blessing to us. the neem oil we have in our store www.kayashastra.com is cold pressed & awesomely awful bitter smelling & retains all its goodness. again @mycocktaillife can explain this with humor.

the place we get our oil cold pressed is a small clean unit. so we extract only limited quantity.  honestly the smell in that place cannot be explained for its bitter filled fragrance since we cold press only neem oil there. any other oil extracted there also will end up smelling neem. so. only neem oil is made there. enjoy the purity & don’t miss the goodness of neem in your life routine. bitter is sweet for its goodness

50ml of neem oil is available in this link. https://www.kayashastra.com/products/single-herb-specialty-oils?_pos=1&_sid=c02c896ec&_ss=r pl add this to your cart of other goodness products. make neem part of your life

i do have plans to formulate bitter facial, body oils & hair oils with our pure neem oil. will keep you posted. but all said & done. pure neem oil is pure neem oil. go for it without hesitation.

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