2 very simple body care daily routine that can bring a huge change in life

just 2 simple things?? oh.. the topic is written to grab more eyeballs or seo or increase curiosity?? isn't it? friend.. i can hear your mind voice. ha ha. but trust me this 2 routine is simply simply simple yet with huge good advantages. it's simple. but the catch is only if you do this regularly. i see this as a possibility.  continue reading with the intention to try atleast for 1 week. let's dive into the routine.

massaging our body with oil is nothing new to us. as Indians, oil is integral part of our life. some take oil bath on saturdays, some on tuesdays, some on fridays, but oil bath is a regular body care ritual in our indian households. if you have been associated with me or kayashastra, you know that we do a #sundayroutine. we all  know that oil bath is not done just for the skin. we know it strengthens our bones, nervous system, balances our emotions, makes us healthily hungry and we can sleep well. the weekly massage is to get us ready for the coming days.

but these days, a quick shampoo shower, liquid soap bathing is replacing these time intensive oiling & bathing rituals. bathing is not just a cleaning routine. bathing can be even used for spiritual evolution. my intention is to bring back these forgotten rituals. let’s commit atleast 2-3 hrs to give our body a weekly general maintenance. this will help us fight the week day challenges. being mindful while brushing, oiling hair, bathing can impact a huge spiritual evolvement too. life is all about being mindful of the moment. let’s start it with brushing.

ok, here, today i want to share a simple routine of applying oil & massaging our head & feet everyday can bring so much of goodness to our body, mind & soul

why head?

let’s see what all our head has? the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and the soft spot (sahasrar-crown chakra). so totally 8 points.  and let’s not miss the energy points that connect to the brain and the mind including the subconscious.

why feet?

the feet also holds many energy points linked to almost every part of the body. have you googled about feet meridian? pl check. feet connect us to the earth, we are grounded just because of our feet. i am always fascinated with our feet because it is one part that doesn’t change even when our weight fluctuates. what an amazing architecture applied on our feet. simply fascinating. so, foot massage is also a way to express our love, respect & gratitude

lets connect the head & feet

so, the point is that the head and feet have many powerful energy points connected to the brain and the rest of the body. so, when we get into a routine of massaging our head & foot, it can be relaxing, restoring and rejuvenating.

 when to do this routine?

we are not going to slather oil like we do in our weekly oil massage routine. in this daily routine, we’ll be using just a little oil. so, you can choose to do this head & foot massage before bedtime if you want a relaxing rest.

you can also choose to do the head & foot massage in the morning just before bath if you want to be alert, energetic and grounded the whole day

what can i expect from this #dailyroutine

  • healthy strong hair, lustrous skin
  • relaxing body, mind & soul
  • surprising benefits in memory, alertness, clarity, calmness
  • balanced emotions
  • good restful sleep and many more advantages
  • helps strengthen our internal health

who should do this?

this routine is good to inculcate in our kids too. let’s make this their habit. i know a friend who is an Ayurvedic doctor. his son is 2.5 yrs & applies oil to head & feet every day. he doesn't take bath if he is not oiled. yes, our kids will do when they see it happening regularly at home.

this routine benefits men, women, kids of all ages. simple routine. but not an easy one to follow with discipline. let’s try our best & take advantages

which oil to use?

sesame oil is the best plant based oil on earth. but you can use any oil of your choice that you are comfortable with. kesa prabala or kesa samrddhi for head massage, coconut oil for feet. a tiny drop of tejo ghritha for face. if you have any crack, fix it with parsni.

planning to formulate a light oil that is traditional but will have the goodness of the best of best oils + smells gentle + makes the routine enjoyable. what do you think?







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Hey krithika,
It’s a very nice article.
But I have a doubt. When we apply oil everyday should we wash our hair everyday?

Chandralekha August 05, 2020

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