finding it difficult to continue #allnatural lifestyle?? then you must know this law of 7

#allnatural lifestyle and law of seven. law of seven is also called law of octaves. but what's the relation. there is. pl take few minutes to read this to win your challenges. not just in #allnatural lifestyle with kalya shastra but this law will also help you understand a lot that you wanted to know. you can apply this law to win yourself

the crux of this law is that in nature, and in the universe at large, nothing continues forever in a direct line. everything must deviate at definite intervals.

if you take the standard seven note octave, plus the first note to a new octave, you get eight notes: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, and do. what the law of seven says is that within these eight notes there are two definite intervals, one between mi and fa, and one between si and the new do. 

the law of seven can be observed everywhere in the natural world and in everything we do internally and externally. if we understood the law of octaves, we could see more clearly how the universe unfolds, or how a tree grows, or how learning requires special efforts at certain, very specific, points.

reading a book can be considered a simple example. often what happens is that we begin reading a book with emotion. we are inspired by the subject or what we believe we are going to learn, but then about half way through the emotion drops off. suddenly we don’t understand why we began reading the book in the first place or why we want to learn what the book teaches.

the book will be set aside, and a new book will be started or something new will be started.  the second book or task will be new octave, with new inspirations and emotions, but again, the same thing will happen near the middle of the book; again the emotion will drop off and we will feel confused about our motivation.

 to continue reading the first book itself —a certain effort is required.

 an effort to bridge the interval. that effort may take many different forms. it may be quite simple;

  1. you may simply use your will to read on, if you do this, your feelings of emotional motivation will eventually return.
  2. you may have an external force motivating you.
  3. maybe you need to learn the material in the book in order to pass a test, and
  4. maybe passing the test will allow you find a better job or allow you to make more money.

 the point is that some kind of effort needs to be made to keep the octave from deviating. once this effort is made, then the emotion returns,

the second interval happens right at the end, when you are nearly finished and ready to move on. You might think, i just want this to be finished. but again the emotion drops off. you’re ready to move on, but you’re still not quite finished with what you are doing.

a second effort or shock is now needed to complete the book or whatever you happening to be doing.

now, let’s apply this to living a #allnatural lifestyle

the reason i wanted to introduce the law of octaves or the law of seven in our #allnatural lifestyle is that it demonstrates again the necessity for effort to continue your this beautiful lifestyle

what the law of octaves teaches us about being #allnatual?

you would have started the #allnatural lifestyle & challenges with a lot of vigor, enthusiasm. there are times when you are not going to understand why you want to be #allnatural and why you chose a difficult lifestyle of using powder cleansers, using oils or eating right and more.. another way of looking at this is that you will not always feel emotional about being #allnatural.  

it's not your mistake. it's the law. it's nature's law. 

you will be able to be #allnatural for a time and then an interval will come. nothing can continue at its present rate of vibration forever, including your attempts to be #allnatural.  

something will always happen. maybe you will simply forget about it, or maybe you will become identified, an acne might pop up, your friend might tell you have tanned, or you might suddenly feel lazy to do all that it takes. something or other will happen to break the chain.

but if you can observe this moment, this interval, you have an opportunity:

you can use your intelligence and your experience to make a special effort to continue to be #allnatural.

and this type of effort at this interval stage  has a greater possibility to produce consciousness than the efforts you make when you are motivated. this is so because, in the moment when you bridge this interval, there is no momentum, and so it becomes necessary for you to work directly from will.

like i always mention, #allnatural lifestyle sounds so cool. but it isn’t easy. yes. it has huge benefits for your health & environment health. but don’t discontinue. use your intelligence to pursue #nosoapchallenge, #notoothpastechallenge, #noshampoochallenge, #stickerbindichallenge, #oilsaregood  Let’s bring back traditional indian routines for our daily body care

let’ be mindful and conscious. Let’s love and respect our body

wishing you health & happiness in abundance.

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