Wow! Your face is glowing – we always desire to hear this forever. But, what does glow mean and how to achieve it?

We all want healthy happy face.  It is healthy and happy when our face is glowing, bright and clear.

Isn’t it so so wonderful to keep hearing this – “your skin is glowing”.  these words also have those magical power to make our skin glow much more.

We have to know what does glow mean for skin. In technical words, glow means the appearance of skin when light falls on it.

Hmm.. So?? Light falls on everyone and everything. So what? what makes someone’s skin glow or someone’s dull?

For few minutes, Let’s go back to basics of light. When light falls on anything, what happens? absorption, reflection & refraction. Wood absorbs, glass reflects, diamond refracts. Pl google for these to know more on these terms.

The key take away of this physics lesson is that the material of the object on which light falls is important. Now, let’s apply this to our skin.

How is your skin glowing? even though you don’t have any major skin problem,  there’s no glow. I totally understand this and hence this topic here.

Do only fair complexion skin glows like gold?? No. not at all. The color of skin is due to the melanin present & the haemoglobin in our blood vessels. And before going any further on this glowing topic,  we should know this clearly - glowing skin is beyond complexion. it doesn’t matter if the skin complexion is fair or dusky. Glowing skin & its skin color is not at all interdependent. But what’s important is the evenness of the color and other qualities

Your skin will glow depending on the quality of of the skin. What are those qualities?

  1. Evenness of the skin color - no matter what color it is. What we don’t want is the patchy colored skin
  2. Pores– the pores on skin also contributes to the texture. Smaller the pores, better the texture
  3. Texture of the skin – smoothness or roughness of skin. Good texture more dependent on the hydrated or moisturized skin
  4. Clear skin – what we need is clean, clear skin without acne, blemishes, dark spots, etc.,

Now, let’s connect it back with basic of our light lesson, when light falls on the skin that is even toned with tiny pores and the texture that is smooth, soft & is clear without any marks or spots, the skin glows from within.

While these are technically correct and is a mandate for glowing skin, your inner peace & happiness is the secret ingredient. Without these, technically correct skin also will fail to glow. there's a little more secret too for glowing skin. even if you have some flaws, if you inner state is blissful, happy, your skin will glow. what's your experience? share it with us

Wishing you health & happiness in abundance

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You are right. I am able to experience this fact. Of course, everyone has various problems to deal with. But choosing to be happy is important for overall health. If you are healthy and happy, skin glows and that smile is to die for.

Geetha May 19, 2020

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