same food. same water. same environment. health & digestion differs. why??

same food. same water. same environment. still the skin & hair glow, generic health, fitness, immunity levels differs for each person even in a close-knit family. why??

we have seen all kinds of friends & family, some who exercise regularly, jog everyday, do yoga, plays sports, eats healthy, sensible food, some eat only vegan, eat only organic food. even then, many ( not all ) of such friends fall sick when season changes or fall sick when they drink water outside home.

and there are other type friends & family who ( not all ) remain mostly healthy, regardless of the sedentary lifestyle or even stressful work or problematic personal life. worst case is such people may not be even bothered about healthy food, yet they remain healthy. omg.. life isn’t fair. right??

the purpose of me writing this is not to get you motivated by sedentary lifestyle people being healthy. i am sharing this to help you see how your body – your health is associated with nature.

in both the cases of healthy & sick people, there’s a lot behind of the scene scenarios which we hardly notice. we end up seeing cumulative results & end up judging. we are in such a lifestyle where if a popular person drinks 5ltrs of water and announces it, we also start drinking 5ltrs. we don’t take time to common sensically think ‘do i need 5ltrs of water?’ see.. water is needed. but is 5ltrs needed for all?  may be that particular person needs it because s/he is dehydrated or lives in such dry environment..

ok, back to our topic.

though we may have identical external conditions, the health results might not be the same. it’s because we have not understood our body & health in its entirety.

our body’s immune system is directly impacted by our state of mind. when you are happy, you immunity will be stronger. really? yes. really. you have a body. experiment this. why not??

like always i say, skin or hair or nails is not a independent entity. our body is the only way we experience everthing.  all happiness & sadness. we need to engrave deep in our mind that health is not physical but a combined result of body, senses, mind and soul.

let’s assume i have acne or hairfall. we expect a cosmetic / medical / alternative solutions that’ll cure acne or stop hair fall. assume we found a natural solution. great. with persistence we used it and hence problems solved. but do you thing acne or hair fall will not recur? it will recur. definitely unless i realize the acne or hair fall was a symptom & it was not a disease in itself.

unless i don’t work to treat the cause of the symptom. acne will come & go. hairfall will be a regular issue. any awesome amazing external products cannot, can never independently treat the cause of the symptoms.

so, will eating right help? sure.. but again only a part of the cause.

the important part is taking care of your mental and emotional health. how you respond to what life throws at you affects your health in the most significant manner.

pl don’t see your see your physical troubles or diseases itself as whole. head ache can never be disease. it’ll be only a symptom for something internal. check if all your basics like humors, digestive, tissues, energy flow in the body, emotional & mental health is in pleasant state. treat an acne or hair fall externally with an excellent natural product, but always ensure if the internals are done right.

remember our board exams always had internal marks?? here, in our healthy body, our internals carry high weightage. so never forget them, invest in understanding the internals very well. you can connect with them thru your externals

and hence, my request is to take time to connect with our body atleast during our daily bathing routine. observe every bit of your body. thank each millimeter or nanometer of your body. let’s be mindful & go #allnatural

connecting to the question that i started writing about –

our physical health is almost entirely dependent on how our body accepts and processes food.  again food is not just what we eat in morsels, it’s also air, smells, thoughts. and the process is affected by our mental and emotional state.

the body is a wonderful machine. but not all machines process in a set format. if it was, all stomachs would process food exactly the same way.

our wonderful body machine is unique. each one of us have unique hi-tech machine.. even if two people eat identical meals, their bodies respond to them differently. what is that factor, that element, that thing in their bodies that determines how they are going to process food. and what is that thing? this topic needs a longer blog. basically that thing is processed by our unique physical & mental aspects

 physical aspects

  1. the five elements
  2. the seven tissues 
  3. the three humours
  4. the four fires

mental aspects

  1. the five sheaths
  2. the three mental states
  3. the three bodies
  4. the ten energies

so, whether you want to lose or gain weight, or have glowing skin or strong hair, whether you want to look younger, remain free of diseases and afflictions or just be physically fit or stronger, a complete understanding of your body is the starting point.

wishing you health & happiness in abundance 


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