onion infusions and me. yeah.. we are good.

i have to share this with you all. most of you know that after every new product formulation, i first try it on me & my family. awesome. nice to hear. right?? wonderful testing technique. but you should know how we beta testers have our life. though it sounds so so funny now, those days weren’t funny at all.

there many many funny floppy incidents. but this episode needs to shared with you all.

here is what happened in the last week. we know onions are awesome for regrowing hair. but all these years i steered clear of this ingredient because of its glorious adamant smell.  but, thanks to my sweetest husband. he tempted me to experiment with this. how can i say no to my experiment volunteer. anything & everything.. i end up trying on him. kesa samrddhi is definitely his favorite. yes, he jumped with joy when he saw strands sprouting in his hereditary bald spot. so, he was now greedy to see more hair on his head & hence motivated me to work with onions. so, did some reading, spoke to my mentors, did all the ground work, did many infusions.. hot, cold, mono infusions, with few other ingredients, all was well with experiments.

finally i got a onion mix nicely done, infused in extra virgin coconut oil. so, we thot to try this. trust me, it was really really wonderful concoction smelling grandeurously onion. ( can you hear me crying?? )

and, at this step, here.. here..  i made the blunder. like usual, i should have tried on him. only him. but the good wife part of me kicked in. (ok, ok.. i was also wanting a head full of thick hair) we both applied that oil. yes.. i too applied my onion oil.

we were fully grown jeeta jaagtha onions.

the only good thing that didn’t happen was that our kids didn’t go to the extent of kicking us out of home. and omg, what not we tried to get rid of this.

in couple of days, my husband was relieved of the smell. obviously. and me.. even after 1 week of lemon juice, flowery, herby essential oil mixed oils, vivikta pack, kesa pramati pack, kesa shuddhi… hmm. my fantabulously favorite onion is aggressively adamantly in love with me. yes. even now. it’s been more than a week.

yes, whereever i go, i can see people wondering about the onions..  ha ha.. i am smart.. i behave like i don’t have anything to do with it. hmm.. i am also getting better at it. i also behave like there’s some weird onion smell.

there’s always good in everything. see.. you know.. i am adamantly optimistic, in the pursuit of getting rid of onion, i am pampering with all possible goodness & i am loving my hair texture & flow of it.  no. no. don’t ask about the smell of it. you should never fuel the fire when not required.

if you are tamilian and if you have seen thiruvilayaadal movie, yes, the same one with sivaji, nagesh & nakkeerar – where they discuss if pengalin koondhalukku iyarkaiyil manam unda which means if the women’s hair has natural fragrance… were they talking about my hair?? how did they know?? did any of you messaged them?

ok.. bye till i share other experiences, learning, knowledge & funny stuff like this.

wishing you health & happiness in abundance. this time you too wish me for beautiful smelling hair. please..

note: if you want to trouble someone, with loads of love, massage their scalp and hair with the best onion oil or onion juice. don’t tell them before you start massaging. and oh.. please.. i am definitely not responsible for the aftermath




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