oil pulling for glowing skin & hair.

i have written about oil pulling before. but this topic can have any number of writing.

oral care is utmost important. our gateway. our major input system for this amazing body mechanism. yes, brushing twice is very very important. specifically night brushing is literally mandatory. but, we all know a lot about brushing.

my intention is that each one of us should also do oil pulling regularly. that’s why i keep talking and writing about this. this is somehow forgotten by us. we need to bring it back in our lifestyle.

oil pulling will not only help good oral health, but a quick everyday method to get rid of toxins in our body. so, oil pulling will help clear skin & strong hair too

generally it’s called oil pulling because in layman terms.. we are pulling out the toxins of our body with the help of oil while swishing it in our mouth for 15 minutes everyday

in ayurveda terms – oil pulling can be done in 2 methods.

  1. gandusha
  2. kavala

gandusha - filling the mouth in the morning with oil as much our mouth can hold - and holding without moving it inside the oral cavity and holding it inside the oral cavity till there is uncontrollable salivation, secretions of tears from the eyes or mucous/watery discharge through the nose.

kavala – is about holding comparatively small quantity of liquid oil in the mouth; make it move briskly all over inside and spitting out

 so, the practical oil pulling is all about the best of gandusha & kavala

if you want to experience these two methods the right way, pl consult a good ayurveda practitioner or a ayurveda panchkarma treatment centres. they have some pre practices & massages before gandusha & kavala.

however, even, if we are not doing the perfect way of gandusha or kavala, it or a combo of both, somehow, we need to bring this oil pulling back in our daily lives. the benefits are immense.

how a swish of oil can bring so much benefits? our body mechanism is super awesome. pl remember, though we are technologically fanatically advanced, we have not been able to create anything similar to human body

the simple daily routine can be just to have 1 spoon of sesame oil or medicated oil for this purpose. yes, we are introducing an oil soon for people struggling with heavy bleeding gums. so, swish the oil all over your mouth for 10-15 minutes. that’s all about it.

if you think 10-15 minutes is too much, pl see the time you spend in the dentist office. and.. pl understand there’s no shortcut to maintain our body.

also, you are free to do anything while you swish the oil for 10-15 minutes. i prefer practicing meditation while i swish. it helps keeps my focus. remember? it’s perfectly ok to meditate while oil pulling. but it’s not ok to oil pull while you practice meditation.

ahh.. btw, don’t ever make the mistake of swallowing even a drop of the swished oil. it will be full of toxins. don’t spit on plants too. the plants die with the toxins. i have seen this. one of my mentor – a siddha doctor had shown me this. i was super shocked about the harsh toxins this simple routines can bring out.

 now, let me bullet the benefits. – the answer for what’s in it for me?

  • prevents decay,
  • gets rid of bad breath
  • treats gum bleeding,
  • dryness of throat,
  • heals cracked lips
  • strengthens the teeth, gums and the jaw.
  • tightness in mouth is treated
  • enhances the senses,
  • brings freshness in mouth & mind
  • maintains clarity in the voice.
  • brings lightness and clarity in the mouth
  • relieves pain and discomfort caused from any oral problems
  • treats loss of appetite,
  • bad taste, dirt and excess salivation from the mouth is treated

you might never have to visit a dentist.. omg, i don’t have anything against dentists. i am just concerned about preventive health & daily body care routine. so, if you are a dentist & reading, pl trust me – i love you & we all need you.

imagine the time, money & effort, pain that you will save when you don’t have to visit a dentist. do i still have to convince you to take this oil pulling in your daily oral care routine?  i really don’t think so.

use toothbrush.. that’s fine. but definitely massage & brush with your fingers also. never miss this routine. #fingerbrush & #fingermassage

avoid toothpastes. if you can’t let go of toothpaste, check for the ingredients – many have toothpaste with sls for the foaming purposes. so, avoid toothpastes that have sls

my vision is to create toothpowders in all 6 tastes. for now, we have in astringent & salt tastes. i am working on a sweet taste toothpowder.

tastes are not just for tongue, but also for our senses & emotions. i totally understand this piece of writing is touching on various topics. i am not even going to read it again or edit. straight from my heart to you.

oops, i didn’t tell you how oil pulling can help in great skin & hair –

when the toxins are out everyday, how can your skin & hair not glow? they tend to be healthy. oil pulling gets rid of bacteria that causes skin problems before they have a chance to take hold.

oil pulling for a month has helped treat acne and eczema also. It has helped stop hair fall

oil pulling for hangover & headaches???

yes, the process of oil pulling will remove alcohol toxins in your body from the night before, helping you and your body feel much better. so, oil pulling is even good to get rid of hangover.

headaches and migraines can be a reaction to your body being under toxic stress; so extract the toxins, reduce the stress!

thanks for reading this. pl share your comments. it’ll help me better me.

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from young, i had these question - animals don't brush, they don't have dentists.. how is it they manage.. i asked this question to my mentor doctor. i got some convincing answers too. 

i had many such questions - teeth after death, why teeth stops decaying after death? - will share the answers i received - some time soon :)

wishing you health & happiness in abundance

- krithika prasad

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