skin purging - must know

“i am so upset. i didn’t expect this. you know.. i never had any acne before using your products. omg.. it’s just 3 days i used your oils and cleansers and my skin is breaking out”

 i have heard this a lot.

after my explanations about skin purging, i have also heard this a lot -

“thanks so much. i was about to give up. hm.. you explained & asked me to hold for few days before i wind up the natural journey. and, it worked. i am now happily #allnatural”

a pink pop in the face is terrifying. that too after experimenting something new that’s #allnatural. i get it. i completely get it. been there. done it. remember i have 2 teenagers too.. so, forever been there. done it. 

i understand the feeling that you literally want to kill the product company or the person behind it when you see a tiny thing popping out.

but, what if i say, the pop might be a good indication

ok, so, those new pink pops after using a new product are because of  skin purging.

skin purging is the skin reaction for the active ingredients in the product that is increasing skin cell turnover rate. it means dead skin cells are going away faster. why? to bring out your beautiful fresh and clear skin.

but, before your new clean skin can arise, there needs some deep cleaning work to bring out the excess sebum, flakes, and buildup that clog pores.


and now that you know all @kalyashastra products are 100% natural, wildly grown, there will be actives. the tingling feeling itself is an indication of the potent & efficient herbs.

now, does all skin purges look alike for all? no way. we are all unique. we all eat, drink & breathe different. so your skin purge will also be different.

for some -  pink pop, for some - whitehead, for some - blackhead, for some - boils, for some - big pearly pimples, for some - cysts, the varieties are endless. it all depends how much toxins are collected beneath your skin & the way your body decides to throw it away

“hmm.. how long will this purging be there?”

you know the answer. till all those waste are cleared. yea, frankly that’s the answer.

“oh, wait. this is not happening. i can’t keep my lifetime waiting for the skin purge to settle down” – yes, i agree to this too.

you need to draw a line to understand if this is genuine skin purge or breaking out because the product isn’t suitable for you.

but how & when to draw a line.

some necessary information before that. ideally skin cycle for a person varies from 3 to 6 weeks. so, it’s good to wait for atleast 3-4 weeks.

also, use the product in lesser quantities & avoid using them twice a day or daily if it’s purging. till your skin gets used to the product & to slow down the cell turnover rate, use it once in 2 days.. be slow with the product than giving up the #allnatural journey

my take on drawing line is to observe. observe. observe every change in your skin. if it’s skin purge, it peaks but definitely slows down. and you can clearly observe this.

if it’s breaking out,  it just gets worser. doesn’t slow down. once you know it’s breaking out, discontinue the products.

but if you are sure it’s skin purge, don’t give up on the products. they are working amazingly well for you.

there’s also something else you need to observe, what you eat, drink. how your emotions are. all these definitely matter.

if you are going thru stressful period or if it’s your menstrual period time or you have some hormonal imbalance impacts & you somehow ended up using a new product during the same time, the pops might be for a different reason too.

then, it may not be purging or break out too. it’s simply an expression of your internal health & emotion. writing this here, because you should not rule out your inner health & mental health impacts on your skin too

“agreed. what should i do when it’s purging?”

 be calm. don’t panic. visualise a clear glowing healthy skin. now, apply soothing simple but pure coconut oil to moisturise. fresh cucumber juice to hydrate or pure hydrosols to calm your skin. be gentle on your skin those days.

skin purging is like - it gets worse before it gets better. philosophy works on skin care also. right?

leaving you with this last tip –

breakout happens in new place & takes more than 10-12 days to heal & disappear.

purging happens in the same skin areas where you used to break out earlier but they heal & disappear faster than usual. and remember, purging is good


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