saffron - who are you?

It’s been really long that i posted anything on fb or insta. Sorry friends. Too much occupied with packing the new batch & couriering to the pre-orders. thanks to my lovely li’l sister. She has come to bangalore to help me.

And i feel bad a little that i am not spending enough time with her son - the little cute brat. Too much going on in my head how to share my kaya shastra face & body cleanser experiences, experiences of friends who are now regularly using it.

Our family is now on a added challenge #notoothpaste #homemadetoothpowder and #nightbrushing. Will share details how it’s going now you know.. My other business, kids, cooking, cleaning, friends, Also working on a consolidated material to conduct skin care sessions. Uff..

Hmm.. but i am really loving it. I believe in law of attraction & the secret. Universe conspires. I am really glad i am doing something that i believe in & when it has proven me good for the last 1 year.. Obviously i want eveyone around me to experience it.

And i am enjoying the new friends i am making thru kaya shastra. My family is growing.

Ok.. so this post is about saffron. While packign me & my sister were recollecting how we sourced saffron from kashmir & how much we troubled our cousin who went there. We also wondered why this ingredient is so expensive. Does it really have that hyped impact? Trust us We also discussed with our doctors, experts & mentors if we can skip the saffron to reduce the cost so that it becomes more affordable & literally most of them can go #nosoap

just by adding few strands of saffron to the cosmetics, we have all seen the ‘with saffron’ marketing stints the bigger cosmetic brands do. We have added really really generous amount of saffron & we haven’t even spoken about it. That’s not fair. Not fair to the glorious saffron.

So, what we realized after discussing with our super senior mentor team is that saffron is very critical ingredient in this formulation. So.. here is the post that gives you some insights on saffron


[caption id="attachment_567" align="alignnone" width="300"]saffron flower_kaya shastrasaffron flower_kaya shastra[/caption]

What is saffron?  What we call saffron is the stigmas & styles which is called as threads from the flower - crocus sativus. These threads are gathered from these flowers & dried. The quality of these flowers & its threads depends on the soil & cultivation methods. By the way each flower will have 3 stigmas.the chemical properties are worth knowing. Still.. I will not go too deep into it in this post But.. if you are interested, ping me.. We can chat.

saffron is the best coloring agent. Now you know why cleopatra bathed in the saffron soaked milk before meeting every suitor.

So.. saffron is the stigma of a flower. Now what? Why is it so expensive & so effective? It’s because this plant doesn’t grow in wild. It’s very labor intensive. And do you know how many kgs of flowers you need to make 1gm kg of saffron? Any wild guesses?

roughly 150 flowers yield 1 gm of dried saffron. Yes. one hundred and fifty flowers. But this is only if the flowers are of the premium quality. If the flower quality is moderate, we might need around 500 flowers to make 1 gram of saffron. And remember.. You need labor to remove, gather the stigmas & sun dry.. Great. We got justified why saffron is expensive

Iran seems to be producing approx 75-80% of the saffron in the world. Ahhh? Really? India and spain are other 2 countries producing larger quanitites. And the best saffron in india is from kashmir. We all knew it. Right? Kashmiri kesar. Yeeyyy.

Our friend in kashmir told us that pomegranate, beetroot fibres, red-dyed silk fibres are sold as saffron. Low quality stigmas are also mixed. He also has seen shredded paper - colored & scented are sold as saffron. OMG. And he says unless you buy from authentic & trusted people, you can’t be sure of. Thankfully we’ve the best ones. ( good intentions take you to right destinations. That’s now a proof ).

Saffron is a super coloring agent & luxuriously aromatic because of its chemical properties. When you soal few strands in warm milk, you’ll know this. Try it.

When soaked in warm milk or water, the dried thread releases its properties & transfers it to the carrier. One tip to identify the bestest quality saffron - each saffron strand  has to deep reddish maroon color with orange tips. If it’s with orange tip it become super duper expensive. And it’ll take atleast 10-12 mins to release the color & aroma in the carrier either warm water or milk.

The fake ones release the color & aroma almost immediately. When we tested our saffron used in the ‘kaya shastra face & body cleanser’ it didn’t release color immediately. It took around 8-9 minutes. But it didn’t have orange tips.

Now you also know why we suggest you to soak the face & body cleanser in water before you take bath.. Not just this ingredient.. All ingredients are sun-dried. So for the ingredients to release its properties. Some time is required. Ok.. let’s continue..

So.. the color & aroma released is just physical properties. Saffron contains more than 150 volatile and aroma-yielding compounds. It also has many nonvolatile active components, many of which are carotenoids and these bring those amazing benefits of saffron.

Huh.. such a big post!! I am sure you would have got some basic information about saffron. Each ingredient in our face & body cleanser needs such posts. The nature has given us only blessings. It’s upto us to understand, use it right & take advantage.

Have a happy, healthy body & skin & wish you get access to good quality saffron

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