Why should you use this kaya shastra everyday cleanser?

What’s the use of this kayashastra - everyday cleanser?

Good question. Great question. i got this question from a friend's friend who was wondering what's this new campaign of #nosoapchallenge. i really appreciate her for being frank for asking the question. Why? asking the question is the right approach. I was glad to answer her. unless we are convinced & happy about making a lifestyle change, the change will not be permanent.

This can be answered in few words. It’s the best for your skin. That’s it.

But why should you believe it even if i keep telling you it’s been a year my family has bid bye to soaps & have been using only this home made powder & has given only great skin & more compliments, it is good to write down the benefits.

Who could a mom love more than her kids? And before using it for my kids imagine the research i would have done. It’s really good. If i am using it for my kids, i don’t have hesitate a second to recommend this for anyone.

Yet, let me answer few basic questions.

  1. Why are you asking not to use soap?
  2. What is this cleanser made of?
  3. How do I use it?
  4. What are the benefits of using this cleanser everyday?

Any soap, literally any soap cannot be made without lye & other chemicals. these clog skin pores & harsh to the skin. Clogged skin pores cannot breathe & appear larger. These are major causes for forced acne, blemishes, making skin look uneven, old, wrinkled, etc.,

Now, what is this cleanser made of? A typical ubtan is made of lentil or flours. Yes, they do the job of cleansing & exfoliating. But i wasn’t a fan of their smell & the mess. So, went in search of a magic formula with natural ingredients that’ll do wonders. Universe conspired. I thank my stars & universe. I met some wonderful people who consult royal families for generations for their healthy routines. And there I was with secret ancient formulation & the right method to create the cleanser.

So, this natural cleanser has 24 ingredients that includes saffron, sandalwood, jatamansi, vettiver, orange peel & fruit extract, lemon peel & fruit extract, kasturi manjal & more... May be we can also call this every day luxurious ubtan. Sourced the best raw materials from 6 different states & prepared the way I learnt from the experts. And that’s the story.

How to use it? Usually the ubtans are used only before wedding? I asked. Why only before wedding. Every moment is a celebration. So I used it not just for my face but for my bath. Yes. We all deserve it. Don’t we? What do you say?

Our family & friends use it literally in all possible ways. We have tried using this with plain water, rose water, milk, honey, juice extracts of carrot, beetroot etc., depending on the skin need for the moment & mood. We have used as face & body pack by leaving it on skin for 15-30 minutes also. Always the results was wow.

Generally for face wash… wet face, take a little cleanser powder in fingers, dab it all over face. Gently rub & wash. That’s it

And, for bath, before taking bath, in a cup, mix a spoonful of powder in plain water or rose water. instead of soap, apply this paste all over your body, gently rub. If possible leave it for 2-5 minutes. Then wash it off. That’s all.

Body pack – if you have time, atleast once in week or fortnight, apply til oil / coconut oil all over your body, soak in for 30-45 minutes, then for bath, mix the cleanser powder in rose water, make a thick paste, apply it all over the body, leave it for 20-30 minutes, gently rub your skin & wash it off. You’ll experience the royalness.

And now, 3rdimportant question. Benefits. I’ll share how our family & friends benefitted

  1. Cleanses skin
  2.    Exfoliates – dead skin is gently removed & skin is clear
  3.    Moisturizes – the ingredients like velli vidhay, vetiver, sandalwood & more makes the skin soft & supple. We haven’t used even the basic moisturiser from the day we started with this powder ( now you know why we also use the tag #nomakeup )
  4.    Heals acne, dark spots lightens, reduces crow feet, blemishes go away gradually
  5. Bonus - We got rid of soaps from our life. It’s been more than a year we used those.

Major Side effects: Compliments. Photos without filters. Sharing the secret of the cleanser

We try so much cosmetics to look beautiful. Give kayashastra every day cleanser a chance to detox your skin & give you healthy, glowing skin.

If you have any questions, pl drop a whatsapp message to +91 9148588338. Let’s make this a reason to be friends.

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