wonder machine - our body

The creator put all complicated organs that needs mega complex maintenance inside your body & covered with the skin. Look at this.. we don’t need to turn on / off the heart, lungs, liver, kidney & more. We don’t have to wash or clean those organs. He has given input & output points. Certain subtle points to do both. For example, skin. it absorbs & sweats. OMG, that’s a lot thinking & engineering that has gone. Good Product design. Hmm…

Ok.. After making such a beautiful, intelligent body & brain that can activated by us, the creator hoped & believed that human can maintain the skin which is not as complicated as maintaining other organs inside the body

Fine. How are we doing? We don’t understand the complexities how our body functions. We don’t even know the machine we are. Oh.. stop. don’t keep blaming. We never came with an instruction manual. Wow. Do we say this? Really? Do you even turn on the latest mobile phone only after reading the entire manual. Pls.. let’s reserve this argument.

As part of the ‘living basics’ of kaya shastra here we will share, discuss the basics of our body & the general maintenance of it. And the method how to use it. Here we may not be all correct. But, We may not all be wrong too. Read. Give it a thought. If you find it makes sense, join the gang. Let’s explore the body & practise stuff that will help not just us. We can live by example for our kids.

As mom, I ended up in this deep exploration just to ensure what I tell them has some sense, some fact & a lot of good benefits.

Welcome people.

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