skin - our love for its beauty

Who doesn’t want young, glowing, bright & clear skin?

Me. Me. Me. You. You. You. All. All. All. The love to have baby soft supple skin that glows is a desire for every human. No bias. Every woman, man, young & old have this strong desire. And only in this pursuit we experiment with everything from home-made beauty recipes to cosmetics to surgeries

Beautiful. Rare. Cherished. Each one of us are unique. So is our skin. It’s unique and is a miracle.

Basics first. let’s understand what do we need to know when we are expecting good skin.

Like diamond has 4Cs to determine it’s quality which is Color, Cut, Clarity & Carat Weight, Skin also has 4 physical qualities

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Pores
  • Texture

With these qualities, add the 2 crucial qualities

  • state of mind
  • internal health

In this blog, we’ll not go very deep into each of these, but will give a quick read on these qualities as introduction


Evenness in the color of the skin matters and not the pigment of melanin that matters. Whether it is fair, wheatish or dark skin, the good skin will need one single thing. And that is evenness in it color. The patchiness in our skin color is what we are fighting against.


this means clear skin. No marks, blemishes or bumps.


This topic needs many many blogs / sessions to understand it the right way. pores are important in skin and serves as both input & output mechanism. Cleansing products that we use, majorly impacts the size of the pore. Instead of cleaning the sebum & dead cells from the skin, the cleansing products clogs the pores.

The clogged & blocked pores appear larger in size. And what we need for a great skin is smaller pores. Smaller the size of the pore, better the skin quality.


is it rough? Smooth? Blotchy? How does the skin look & feel? This is texture. Both the first & second layer of our skin determines the texture. A well-hydrated skin contributes to a good texture of the skin.

State of mind

The real glow for the skin is this quality. Happy & relaxed mind = happy skin. This also enhances all the qualities mentioned above. Meditators have noticed remarkable changes that has improved the quality of their facial skin.

For remarkable skin outside, a work inside is a must

Internal Health

Every acne, rash on your skin is a reflection of our internal body health. That’s why we call our body the high technology wonder machine. An acne in the face indicates which part of your body needs attention. Pl refer this face chart.

Key takeaway from this article is that Good, healthy skin qualities are Color, Clarity, Pores, Texture , state of mind & internal health

We’ll soon talk in detail of these qualities & how to achieve the best in each.

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