smell - perceive or detect the odour or scent

i have had troubles with smell for a very long long time. i struggled with smell from people’s hair or dress. i struggle with the synthetic fragrances from the washing liquids, shampoos. i struggle in the cab commute. i love to workout. but gym smell keeps me away. sweat smells are another level. overall, smells have always been impacting my day to day life. but i never understood it. i suffered. i enjoyed. but didn’t act on the why.

when kalyashastra happened & when i was exposed to various natural fragrances, smells, i could experience those tiny storms of happiness. eventually, i got introduced to aromatherapy by my mentors. iam blessed. i can’t express my gratitude to this universe for revealing so much in this lifetime.

aromatherapy is the use of the sense of smell for healing. through our nose, we inhale our environment and take it into our body, mind and consciousness. 

if what is taken in is harmonious with one’s nature, the natural result is health and well-being.  if what is taken in is disharmonious, the natural result is disease. 

yes, we are as much what we smell as what we eat.

aromas work more directly and much more quickly on the mind and subtle body. they also affect our physical body, but have a milder action, if we are mindful to subtle changes, you will know the impact of the smell.

most of you can relate to this – some smells will cause you headache. some smells can relieve you from headaches. some smells remind of you some memories & bring happiness or sorrow. smells can take you to anywhere in a jiffy.

and hence, aromas are used as therapy. to heal. it’s a myth that you need only expensive aromatic essential oils to heal. simple smell can heal. the smell of fresh rain, tadka fresh bloomed jasmine, new note, smell of old book – all these are potent healing depending on your memories associated with it. if you had smelt an orange for the 1st time during a tough period. you may never like the smell of orange.

smells & you – the association is unique.

and we in india are always smart to include positive fragrances in our daily life. the simple act of women wearing jasmine flowers in our hair has more science to it than anything else. men wearing sandalwood pastes as tilak. the pure fragrance of the herbs in the bath powders leaving a trail when the baby moves around the home. the fragrance of flowers, diya, incense stick from the pooja room, ahh such gentle, pure divinity.

fragrances has potential to change our ideas, thoughts, relationships, addictions, form habits, it can change our life. if we give attention to what we & why we do, the smell would definitely be one of the strongest reason

aromatherapy is definitely a part of preventive lifestyle. the fresh flower garlands that we devote to deities create a huge impact on us. the fragrance that touches us during daily tulsi pooja will have impact on us in an unexplainable level of depth.

i have made few essential rollons for my personal use, these are almond oil based. i keep these at my desk at workplace & in my wardrobe at home. i use them as perfumes or body oil. they are almond oil based. hmm… i have coffee, chocolate, orange, lemon, vetiver, patchouli, cardamom, lavender, saffron, tulsi – i smell them sometime randomly. i get grounded with root smells. i get excited with citrusy, flowery, leafy fragrances. i get neutral with few raw herb smell.

when i realize i am either hyper or feeling low, i also smell them or apply on my wrist points or behind ears or sometimes i apply it all over my face. yes, like you know – i am a crazy person. it does help me a lot to keep me balanced

the smell of sambrani, the smell of the homam sculpts me. at my work place & at home, the incense stick is must. Oh.. you must try our herb fragrance incense stick. It is very ethereal. Here is the link

while i write this, i am realizing how dependent i am on smells. again, thanks to each one of you for you all being the reason for exploring myself & being helpful to each one of you by sharing from my experiences.

if you have already experienced the healing effects of natural fragrances or you are a beginner, please do share your experiences

please remember, if what is taken in is harmonious with one’s nature, the natural result is health and well-being.  #preventive lifestyle

wishing you health & happiness in abundance

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