why is kumkumadhi oil so popular & what’s in it to be so effective to make our skin so good?

kumkumadi taila is quoted in medical text - ashtang hridaya. in good old days, this was mostly used to treat skin troubles. it was those days, the simple, preventive based regular everyday personal hygiene products & routines was sufficient for good skin & hair. hence, kumkumadi oil was used as medicine.

but, right now in this modern world, we need kumkumadi oil in our daily routine as our skin & hair is exposed to harsh environments & products knowingly – unknowingly.

the traditional recipe was applied as oil & cream also. at those times, the oil was made into cream with the meticulous cold & hot process with constant stirring & mixing. no synthetic emulsifiers are used to make creams like today. at kalyashastra, even today, we use stirring & mixing method only for our creams like jal kesar, sahasra, drsh, etc., it’s possible for us since we make in small tiny batches.

according to me, beauty & good skin-hair should be hand in hand. there should never be the need for separate line beauty products & hygiene products. what we apply to nourish should also give us the cosmetic effect. it shouldn’t be the case where we apply a lipstick for cosmetic effect that spoils our sensitive lip & then we apply some nourishing, repairing product to attend the lip pigmentation. why can’t the lip balm give both cosmetic & nourishing effect like our thuti-lipbalms. right?

even in sushruta samhita, acharya has emphasized the importance of cosmetics and perfumes in the daily routine for persons who are meticulous about their sound health. this text has also laid down as many as 24 rules or guidelines in making & using toiletries & cosmetics

any modern base that’s used to make kumkumadi cream usually has stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, potassium hydroxide, methyl paraben & fragrances. since we make very small qty of kumkumadi oil, i preferred to keep it the purest form of oil. i didn’t want to compromise on the quality of this gold infused saffron oil by constant stirring & mixing.

ok, what is in the purest of kumkumadhi oil?

the traditional kumkumadi oil has kumkuma, laksha, rakta chandana, manjistha, yashtimadhu. the quality of these ingredients are very critical to the quality of the oil & its effectiveness.

our kalyashastra kumkumadi oil has more in it. the uniqueness is that swarna is infused in it. yes we infuse the oils for 21 days in gold. real gold thin plates. this makes our oils super special.

are there real benefits to our skin?

yes. yes. yes. but no overnight benefits. if applied regularly with a good discipline & mindfulness, the skin shows the results of this supreme oil 

  1. well moistured skin
  2. fades the dark spots, pigmentation, acne marks & blemishes
  3. tightens the pores. skin looks young
  4. improves skin complexion
  5. no skin eruptions
  6. a beautiful lustre, glow & shine in the skin

and, in the clinical study, i had requested a set of participants to apply the oil with positive body affirmations & that worked like magic in the speed of results.

irrespective of the age, the results are shown effectively. so kumkumadi face oil is awesome to

  1. reduce wrinkles
  2. bring back young skin ( effective as anti-ageing oil)

when you have our kalyashastra kumkumadhi oil cute little bottle,  you will observe herbs settling down in the bottom of the bottle. that fine settlement is the proof of real herbs used. it will also have the real gold dust. so, shake the bottle everytime before use. the oil will be light colored before you shake it but will have deep saffron color when you shake it well.

let me end this article by requesting you to add just a drop of our kumkumadhi oil in your daily routine. use it anytime of your convenience, but use it everyday. leave the oil on your face for atleast 15-20 minutes. give it some time to work magic on your skin

the affirmation that i suggest to use with face oils

“i’m beautiful. my face is youthful. it’s so expressive. every cell in my face is glowing with good health from inside. my facial skin is so smooth. i love my skin so much. i love and appreciate my beautiful skin! i’m so grateful. i am showing by gratitude to my facial skin by applying this golden elixir – kumkumadhi oil. this oil will go in & express my happiness & gratitude to my body. aww.. i love me & my body”

give a bear hug to yourself & throw a lot of kisses at you. smile. smile. smile with all your beautiful heart

here is the link for our kumkumadi face oil 

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