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#allnatural sunday routine.

we have been doing this sunday routine for many months now. and, a beautiful, soul satisfying #sundayroutine is to 

  • wake up with a smile & gratitude during brahma muhoortha - 1 hr 36 minutes before sunrise
  • oral care routines - oil pulling with sesame oil
  • brushing with natural ingredients tooth powder & ending it with finger brushing & massaging gums
  • tongue cleaning with silver or copper tongue cleaner
  • excreting in indian squatting position
  • 30-45 minutes of physical exercises to include atleast 12 sets of surya namaskar
  • relaxed oil massage from head to toe. soak in oil for atleast 30 minutes. observe every single part of your body while massaging oil. observe the toe shape n color, the creases or folds on your skin. don’t forget to thank every cell of your body for it’s holding you amids so many harsh interventions.
  • self-massage or getting massage from spouse will be so relaxing & relationship tightens
  • young children when they get their massage & bodycare from parents, this routine build strong beautiful memories for their life.
  • use room temperature water for bathing & natural ingredient powder cleansers to cleanse the oil from the body. be mindful of every droplet of water passing your body to drain. be slow. enjoy that feeling of cleansing. let’s be in awe of the water & for it to cleanse & balance our body and emotion
  • wear something clean, relax fitting, light colored or your favorite color outfit
  • 30-45 minutes of meditation
  • a soothing easy digesting vegetarian or fruitarian breakfast. mindful conscious eating. realizing every texture & taste that gets into mouth. swallowing only after it mixes entirely with saliva
  • calling up or visiting someone who we love & respect, but haven’t done for a long time
  • time for some diy or hobby or book reading or writing that we really want to do
  • gentle lunch that’s for the body. lunch that includes all 6 tastes in the meal – sweet, salt, sour, astringent, bitter, spice will be ideal. mindful conscious eating. realizing every texture & taste that gets into mouth. swallowing only after it mixes entirely with saliva
  • no nap in the afternoon.
  • few basics of food intake – eat only when you are hungry, drink water only when you are thirsty. no drinking water 45 mins before and after food
  • prepping up or planning for the next week workdays
  • a tasty nutritious light dinner before sunset & after this dinner, no more food intake
  • family or friends or book or music time. gadgets are ok until you really know when to keep it down
  • 5 – 10 minutes of gratitude time rewinding the day before sleeping

this #allnatural #sundayroutine day looks so ideal. this would break us from all busy busy mundane day schedules we are so used to. when we do this routine mindfully with our heart filled with love, respect & gratitude with every moment being conscious, the impact of this routine is for a very long term.

even if we couldn’t do everything from an ideal #sundayroutine, start with atleast 1 or 2 practices. you will love the experiences.

what can keep us motivated to do the #sundayroutine persistently every week?

  1. understading the benefits – what’s in it for me?? nothing wrong in understanding the benefits of doing whatever we do. this weekly routine helps keep our body and mind in coordination with our internal clock, boosts the sharpness of 5 sense organs and also keep them healthy. strengthens the body and improves mind health. thus we develop immunity to the diseases of body and mind.
  1. pride – though pride is considered to be part of 7 sins, we can use the authentic, harmless pride to keep us motivated. it’s that good pride feeling that we get from following a not-so-easy simple routine in this heavily distracted lifestyle. it’s a feeling of having a meaningful day and accomplishing a hard-won goal.
  1. accepting the distractions – it’s ok to be a little distracted. acceptance makes that easier. when we know it’s time to take long bath, it the same time when we find it a pressing feeling to check insta or fb posts. you know when you force yourself not to get distracted, you will equally not be interested in what ideally you need to do.. so, let yourself do that is distracting but negotiate with your will to do the work too. 5 mins of sifting through all those posts & then continue with long bath. it’s a win-win.
  1. strengthening your will power – everytime we decide to pour that oil in the cup for body massage or we want to do oil pulling, we find excuses to do it the next day or next week. yes. it’s going to be unpleasant because we are breaking the pattern. but when you find ways to do it somehow, you have gone ahead in strengthening your will power. every single win is a win. count it.
  1. tolerance for discomfort – oh.. no. oiling is boring, it runs all thru my face. my eyes burn. can’t tolerate the oiliness in my skin. i have to boringly sit with that oil in the bathroom. these are discomforts till you start enjoying and observing those feeling or experiences as they are without reacting. slow & steady, learn to fight through the discomforts
  1. not being obsessed to be perfectly 100% ideal – something is better than nothing. it’s ok if you don’t know how to massage, it’ok if you don’t have all that perfect conditions that you wanted. start somewhere. don’t be obsessed being perfect in the routine. just because you didn’t wake up at brahma muhoortha, don’t give up the entire day. follow the rest of the routine. it’s ok if you haven’t done oil pulling, continue with the other routines. it’s you. your life. you chose to follow the routine. so, don’t be too hard on yourself. be proud even if you did a tiny little to break from your mundane pattern.
  1. to show by example before we motivate others – this is so much critical. i have heard about so many insta fitness enthusiasts that they did all that they did so that they could post & be example and motivate others. one friend also told me while it was looking like motivating others, it was the followers who motivated her to be regular. so, fake it till you make it worked for her. now, the fitness routine has become her habit & doesn’t need any external push. so, go #allnatural #sundayroutine to be an example & gradually you will tune into it without effort

weekly body care routines with oiling from head to toe is part of our preventive lifestyle. we indian always believe a stitch in time saves nine. we love that prevention is better than cure. prevention is cheaper in terms of time, effort & money than all the cure & treatments.

our body is the only vehicle we have in this life and that needs to be healthy & fit to take us thru all good experiences. so, instead of spending to treat diseases, let’s be open to invest in good oils, natural body care products, organic fruits & vegetables, good experiences.

have a happy #sundayroutine. let this #allnatural tribe grow in huge numbers

wishing you health & happiness in abundance

- krithika prasad


Hey can you share an ideal Everyday routine like the Sunday routine.

Chandralekha August 05, 2020

Thanks for this mindful post. Loved your blog!

Charu March 25, 2020

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