what's so good in coconut oil?

 what good is coconut oil??

I am super irritated. Yes. I am. I had this chat with a girl in mid-20s who was worried about flaky and sensitive skin. I suggested Coconut oil than anything else.

And, she replied – oh.. coconut oil. ok.. I know about it. But you know what.. that might make my skin oily, sticky.. so, don’t bother.. I take care with this xxxx and yyy and zzzz.

what could be that one oil that can repair skin barrier, has anti-bacterial effect, anti-inflammatory effect, anti-oxidant effect, wound healing effect, delays skin aging?

coconut oil

yes, it’s coconut oil that can solely repair skin barrier, has anti-bacterial effect, anti-inflammatory effect, anti-oxidant effect, wound healing effect, delays skin aging. i pridely write this that our ancestors knew this & made coconut oil part of our daily care routine, 

our kalya shastra coconut oil is made in the method that’s used at home. fresh coconuts are scraped, coconut milk is extracted, boiled at a standard temperature for it to expel the oil content. in kerala they call this urukku velichenna. and the world calls this extra virgin coconut oil.

cold pressed coconut oil is made different. that oil is made from dried coconut called copra. it’s pressed in machines that has wood to press the copra that’ll extract the oil from copra.

let’s understand that cold-pressed oil & extra virgin coconut oils are made differently. and

yes, extra virgin oil has a lot of goodness in it than cold pressed oils

apart from our sesame oil, the next best oil for baby massage and also for newly born infants is our extra virgin coconut is highly recommended. I recommend sesame oil for once in week massage & coconut oil for everyday body care. Reason? Sesame oil smells nutty & a bit heavy. But coconut oil is perfect for everyday body & skin care.

since we are living in a world where if mom or grandmom or aunt says coconut oil is good, we brush it off & go for some oil that name we can’t pronounce or an oil an influencer or popular personality uses it or simply because we saw an ad about that or read about it in an article.

Ok, this is also an article that’s on the web. But, if you are like me, who keep advocating coconut oil back to back for every skin & hair woes, you will relate to this article & a gift – the following technical details is for you

so, here is my recommendation - first tell normally – use coconut oil. it’s good for hair & skin. can be used by both men & women, should be one of the oils used for babies.

but if the other person says.. yeahh.. i know.. but you know i use only …. this & that.. don’t get irritated. just because we indians are blessed with coconut oil in abundance, people take it for granted.

we are natural evangelists. we have taken the responsibility to rekindle the love & respect for our body & natural body care. So, let’s win it with style & science

so, pl go ahead, memorize the following. win the argument with science.

the research study proves coconut is composed of many FFAs including

  • lauric acid (49%),
  • myristic acid (18%),
  • palmitic acid (8%),
  • caprylic acid (8%),
  • capric acid (7%),
  • oleic acid (6%),
  • linoleic acid (2%), and
  • stearic acid (2%)

coconut oil has been shown to be as effective and safe as mineral oil when applied as moisturizers for mild to moderate xerosis

a little deep in the study of pediatric patients with mild to moderate ad, topical applications of virgin coconut oil was shown to be effective in decreasing the severity of the disease, ameliorating disease severity index (scorad), and improving barrier function (tewl and skin capacitance) topical applications of virgin coconut oil are effective in promoting wh through faster epithelization. a histopathological study by nevin et al. revealed increased neovascularization, fibroblast proliferation, pepsin-soluble collagen synthesis, and turnover of collagen in wounds kim et al. demonstrated that coconut oil increased expression of ce components, thereby contributing to protective barrier functions of the sc furthermore, the expression of inflammatory profile was lower in the coconut oil-treated group after exposure to uvb radiation

topical coconut oil protects the skin from uv radiation

of all the acid components of coconut oil, monolaurin has been shown to have additional significance. monolaurin is a monoglyceride derived from lauric acid. it comprises nearly 50% of coconut’s fat content.

monolaurin displays antimicrobial activity by disintegrating the lipid membrane of lipid-coated bacteria including propionibacterium acnesstaphylococcus aureus, and staphylococcus epidermidis 

coconut oil in concentrations of 5% to 40% (w/w) exhibited bactericidal activity against pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, proteus vulgaris, and bacillus subtilis cellular studies have also shown that monolaurin exhibits antiviral and antifungal activity

ufff.. i know.. difficult to memorize. but no choice.. let’s do this. Let’s bring back our simple natural body care routines. we have to.

i can hear your mind voice.. why should I memorize these.. why can’t people simply use coconut oil regularly on face & skin.it’s healthy & good.

friend,  it’s not that easy to spread goodness. our deep spread roots have been cut carefully. every tradition, culture of ours is mocked. indians are used to mock indians. indian culture and traditions are mocked by our own people. It’ll take time & effort & lot of natural evangelists like you to bring back our good routines & products. 

ok.. i agree, we were never explained the reasons for anything.  that doesn’t mean we leave it.. as young indians, did we ask or don’t we have the duty to learn why. So, let’ research. let’s get back to root

again. finally. let’s use coconut oil and spread it’s goodness. deal??

wishing you health & happiness in abundance. 

oh, by the way, coconut oil greases the door hinges well, fixes the squeaky doors & makes it move smooth too. if there are some people who don’t want coconut oil, atleast let the doors & windows gets nourished. end the discussion with this.

 oh.. or may be i should put the coconut oil in a 30 ml bottle with a dropper, name it something different, price it exorbitantly, then people might start buying & using it & who know might become the best product & win awards & accolades. ha ha.. don’t worry. i am not going to do that. let’s bring simple humble coconut oil that's so effective back in our lives.

again,  wishing you health & happiness in abundance.


Thankyou for sharing all that you do 👌🏾 It’s not easy to speak the truth with such grace and intellect to a majority of people who don’t listen. I will definitely memorise and spread the info with more detail than before now ❤️

Anandhi June 27, 2020

I absolutely loved how you’ve penned down your thoughts about the basic natural cares/remedies we have available at home, but brush it off for something which looks fancier.

Love how youve advocated to bring our age old traditional nuskas back to life through your products. I’ve been an ardent fan of such products and am always looking out for brands that advocate its use with so much fervour. Cannot wait time try them once the Covid crisis is over. Kudos Krithika :)

Lots of love x

Shresta Saha April 05, 2020

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