why even choose #allnatural lifestyle?

why are you even taking #allnatural lifestyle?

  1. because i saw someone glowing with #allnatural
  2. for beauty
  3. healthy skin & hair
  4. to avoid harsh synthetics on my body
  5. to put good things on my body
  6. to be with nature
  7. to not spoil environment with synthetics
  8. to sound cool amongst friends and family
  9. to be a minimalist
  10. helps me connect with my body
  11. to be healthy & happy
  12. zillion more reasons like the above…

so many of us are on #allnatural lifestyle? let’s ask why.. almost all of have either no clear answer or come up with a list like the above. so, the point is we don’t where’s this #allnatural lifestyle with mindful traditional body care products is taking us. right?

can we put efforts & time to take this #allnatural journey in a purposeful manner towards a purposeful – defined destination


why take trouble in finding destination? because we need to get on an appropriate path that can take us there.

my point is that if we don’t know the destination, how can we even assume that this #allnatural path is good for us? and if we don’t know where this will take us, why the hell are we taking this path? this cannot be some adventurous, unplanned path taking us to no-destination. 

ok, ok.. i get it.. you might say – using gaura or kesa shuddhi or oils has made my skin or hair soft & supple.

but are you sure if that’s the destination? in my view that’s just a pit-stop or it’s just the side-scenery you get in this path.

can we understand where we want to go by taking this #allnatural mindful traditional body care routine path?

when i put the word mindful in our tag-line, this is exactly what was in my mind. let’s define our end-goal mindfully when we take this path of natural body care routines

ohk.. i hear your mind-voice again. so you are saying this journey is nice & loads of good scenic i get. like - soft, long strong hair, shiny, soft spotless glowing skin. so you love the concept of journey is important than destination.

but, personally i have never understood in my life also how can you carve your path or take an already carved path if we don’t know the end-goal. it’s also true that i live with the flow & flow with the flow. why? i have set my destination clearly. because i am clear about my simple destination that i have set for my life, the path is flowing in front of me and hence i flow with it. 

are you asking what’s that? my destination might sound weird to many. it's simple but difficult to achieve and seems to work a lot to reach my destination. so, i prefer to keep my the discussion of my destination for my life for a very very later discussion or may not be. definitely it’s not about being happy or peaceful or helpful to others.  they are side scenery. that’s it.

one thing i can tell you now is, i realize, it’s my destination that has put me in this path and has created this #allnatural lifestyle for me, for you, a brand, a community of amazing friends like you.

and i felt you should also have a genuine end-goal for life. don’t settle down for the beautiful scenes that’s giving you temporary high & happiness

a good path and good sceneries in the path is very important– no debate in it. but where are we going towards with this cliched #allnatural lifestyle?

if you have chosen this path with a clear destination, awesome. but if you have taken the path without knowing the destination.. let this path help you realize your destination.

the #allnatural lifestyle will become more sensible & happy when you know clearly if this taking you somewhere.

i again hear you.. what if i don’t know what’s my destination.. how do i define for me? simple is be mindful. listen to you. observe the moments that you become so joyful. discuss with people who are in this journey what motivates them to continue in this not-so-easy lifestyle.

yes, no doubt you are in an amazing path if you have taken #allnatural lifestyle with #nosoapchallenge, #noshampoochallenge and #notoothpastechallenge. The amazing scenes of good, healthy, glowing skin and hair is true and makes us so happy - but don’t settle down for just this… it helps to know why this path & where are you going towards while experiencing good health, glowing skin & hair

wishing you health & happiness in abundance

 - krithika



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