why we fail in our #allnatural lifestyle?

why we fail in #allnatural lifestyle with #nosoapchallenge, #noshampoochallenge, #notoothpastechallenge?

there's no commitment from us

if we want good, healthy skin & hair and internal health there’s no short-cut. we need the single-pointed commitment.it’s only when you commit we can truly make progress. but most of the time we are terrified of commitment. it makes us feel that commitment giving up of freedom.

once we get required information, knowledge & believe #allnatural lifestyle is the only way forward, we need to be stern with it. it’s a slow process. but worth it. there’s no point to sway between soaps & #nosoapchallenge. there’s no point in sampling the lifestyle bits & pieces & expecting long term good results.

if #allnatural lifestyle isn’t working, most of the time, we honestly know the reason where & why it didn’t work.

a small episode of skin purge – we start blaming the powders or oils and go back. even if we are convinced to give it some more time, a random someone or family commenting just like that about the difficulty of #allnatural lifestyle will push us back to soaps & synthetics. it’s not them or the comments or your mirror that moved us back, we were looking for some lame reasons and excuses to slide down to easier alternatives. we know that. but we will never be ready to accept it.

it’s not easy. but that’s the only way. we need to listen to our body. we need to learn to understand our body. we need to learn the basics of the organs of the body & how we shouldn’t intervene in its functions. the knowledge to maintain this body in it’s original healthy form becomes basic life skill. but we study our science books only for marks – rarely to understand the purpose

we eat fried foods & junk, apply anything & everything synthetic on skin & hair - obviously the skin breaks out. hair suffers. or internal health is impacted.

but, we are not ready to take responsibility or even understand these root cause... but, we are ready to go to a random highly reviewed doctor, wait for his appointment, wait in the lounge for hours & finally ask – dr, i have too much of skin & hair problems.. please do something. isn’t this sounding silly?

instead of waiting, dreaming & wishing for someone or something to solve our problems wish we had used those waiting time to analyse what went wrong in my lifestyle that spoiled my skin & hair..

let’s own it up. no doctor or no product can do any magic. there needs a lifestyle change if you need to reach your destination. let’s not hope for magic pill with instant results.

let’s not fail in understanding our body. it’s only thing that’s carrying us. and we have been given this technology assuming we know how to operate it. let’s not fail the creator who believed in us. let’s not fill petrol in a diesel car.

let’s love, respect our body. let’s feed it right. let’s be mindful. this is the first step for our evolvement as human-being

wishing you health & happiness in abundance

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